Teacher Mini Grant Application

Mini-Grant Program Description and Application Instructions

The purpose of the Sahuarita Educational Enrichment Foundation’s (SEEF) Teacher Mini Grant program is to provide funding for projects, programs or purposes that enhance the student learning experience. The grants enable SUSD #30 teachers to carry out special projects that would otherwise be unaffordable.

The number of mini-grants awarded each year depends, in part, on the resources available for the purpose. Should SEEF have sufficient funding, a second round of applications may be considered mid-school year to address further needs.

Eligibility for grant consideration:

  • The over-arching purpose of these mini-grants is to enhance the learning experience for students across the grade levels in Sahuarita Unified School District schools.
  • The maximum award to a single teacher is $500 for mini grants.
  • A group of 4 or more teachers may submit a single application together for up to $2,000 in support of a larger project, program, or purpose that will impact a greater number of students.
  • A school principal or other senior administrator may apply for a grant for a school-wide project, program or purpose that enhances the educational experience for students across grade levels or disciplines, up to a maximum of $1,000.


  • Applications will be available on this website beginning May 28, 2024 and must be received by midnight on August 15.
  • Applications must be complete, with sufficient detail to explain the scope and expected impact of the program or purpose.
  • An itemized Project Budget is required, and should include tax and shipping. If an electronic license is needed, a $27.50 fee must be included to have IT put it on the SUSD#30 District network.
  • After the mini-grant has been implemented, you will be required to provide to SEEF a written project evaluation (on a SEEF provided form) and a digital presentation / slide representing some aspect of the mini-grant purpose. You will also be expected to present the slide at a Board meeting in either May or June and briefly present your project outcome.

The details:

  •  Those awarded a mini-grant will be notified by email, along with the details for obtaining the funds. Any mini-grant funds not subsequently used by the end of the current school year are to be returned to SEEF to be used for future awards.
  • All unused consumable and non-consumable items purchased with a SEEF mini-grant are the property of the SUSD#30 school and the grade level for which they were designated.