CommunityShare Grant Application

The Sahuarita CommunityShare Fellowship is a two-part project. The teacher participants meet monthly for facilitated professional development and support over the course of the 10-month school year. During that year, each teacher completes a community-engaged, real-world project, with their class, on a topic of their choice. All projects are designed in alignment with state and district learning standards.

During the project, teachers connect with local members of the community and work together to co-design a real-world learning experience for students. As teachers explore the concepts of inquiry, student voice, agency of learning, and collaboration, they incorporate opportunities for students to become leaders in the classroom and form intergenerational relationships with community members.

Through meaningful engagements with community partners, students experience the real-world application of what they are learning in school, connect with caring adults and resources in their community, build agency (increasing both voice and choice) to become more

involved in their community, explore new passions and career paths, and imagine a future they never knew existed. Participant community members gain a greater understanding of the youth and educators in their communities.

CommunityShare Mini-Grant Funds can be used for:

  • Consumable materials and supplies for the partner project.
  • Classroom materials or equipment that will benefit current and future students in the classroom. A license or subscription to a material or software to be used for your partner project
  • Honorariums or stipends for your community partner.