Kindergarten Classroom Resources

A Project by Carla Lorenzana

  1. Why did you choose to start this project with your students?

I have been in this specific classroom since January 2019 and at this time, I found that I needed to have resources stored differently and in a way that students could access them independently. Also, I found that I had students with specific needs that would benefit from additional resources, such as scoop chairs, fidget toys, etc..

Basket of fidget toys.
  1. What did you enjoy about this project?

Witnessing the students acting independently and taking responsibility for their needs was inspiring. Although in kindergarten, they quickly developed a sense of self and began utilizing items that would best meet their learning needs!

Chair with fidget circle.
  1. How did this project enrich or impact the student learning experience?

Students appreciate the independence and availability of resources. They like accessing specific resources that meet their learning needs!

Storage boxes labeled with the months