Chrome Books For Internet Access

About Me

My name is Tracy Brown and I am an art teacher at Sahuarita Middle school. I have been teaching art for 13 years and have been in the SUSD district for the past 6 years and love my students!

Why I chose to start this project with my classes.

I wrote a grant requesting chrome books for my art classes because it would allow my students to have access to the internet allowing them to further research concepts taught in class. Access to the chrome books and internet will enable my students to look up visual references which allows them to improve their work and understanding of concepts.

What did you enjoy about this project?

Many of my students have devices that they can use to access online information and imagery for projects however several students don’t have access or can’t afford access. I believe having these chrome books allows students who do not have access to feel more at ease and included. I also like the fact that this grant will help my students to improve all of their projects created in art class for several years to come.

Students using chromebook for references.

How did this project enrich or impact the student learning experience?

This project greatly impacts my students because we work from reference photos on a regular basis. A lot of my students would not have access to expand knowledge beyond what is taught in class without these devices.